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Holy #@!&x*

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When you’ve lived a few decades like I have, you’ve been around long enough to see trends in our culture. Some of these new leanings are really cool like dads changing more diapers and moms letting them. But some of these developments are a bit disturbing like reality shows that have nothing to do with […]

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God has blessed my wife, Jodie, and I with 3 amazing kiddos.  ColeTrain is 16, KylieFaith is 15 and Tifton Jack (AKA The Jackhammer) is 13.  Jodie and I have been at this raising kids thing for 16 years now and if I could go back in time, there are a few things I would […]

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Kids and Technology

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{originally published in 2012}   Not sure exactly how you should respond to the Social Media craze? You may even be asking yourself what rules (if any) should you enforce in your home as your children interact with the web? Well the media is interested in these questions too. Specifically this  news release – CBS […]

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