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I remember a very full day and evening with Joey that ended with a nice ride home and a very cooperative time getting him changed and into bed. He literally flopped into bed like one of his Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls! And so did I! But what I realized is that I couldn’t have […]

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Thanksgiving, family Matters, Grace Based Parenting

The fall season seems to be a mashup of Halloween and Christmas with Thanksgiving only a transition between the two. I want to get t-shirts made that say, “Happy Hallothankmas!” Thanksgiving is the least commercialized holiday. That’s why I think it’s an important holiday for families to put emphasis on. Its simplicity, introspection and grateful […]

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Identity in Christ

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Family Matters, Grace based parenting

  Confrontation is hard, especially when it is unexpected. Some time ago I met with a friend. She had asked for some time together where she could share some things on her heart. I said “absolutely,” and I was happy to change my plans and carve out the requested time.  What I didn’t expect was […]

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Me and My Big Mouth

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  “I couldn’t get into the pool or the shower today because they were so crowded,” I huffed to the administrator at my local gym. Before she could reply I stomped out the door.   Immediately, I was convicted. The little voice deep inside said, “Laura, you were extremely rude to that woman. You have […]

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Peanut Butter, back to school, Family Matters, Dr. Tim Kimmel

  As much as I hate to say it, in our modern consciousness, it appears Thanksgiving has been declared dead.   Just a couple of days after Halloween, I went in search of artificial pumpkins to decorate my Thanksgiving fireplace mantle. After scouring dozens of discount and craft stores, I came up nearly empty handed, […]

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A Thanksgiving Prayer

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Lord, help me to praise you with my life by being: Holy Affectionate Penitent Prayerful Yielded   Trustworthy Humble Abundant Nurturing Kind Serving Grateful Inspirational Vigilant Inviting Noble Gospel-centered   The inspiration for this prayer came from A Pastoral Thanksgiving Acrostic by Andrew Schank

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