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  I saw your stilettos as soon as they entered the room. I was hunched over trying to retrieve my two year old from under someone else’s chair. I could not help but notice the mulch from the playground stuck to the bottom of my dirty tennis shoes.   I sat up and took notice […]

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Grace Based Parenting

  Parenting is hard. Just being honest…and probably preaching to the choir.   I have five children ranging from college to 2nd grade. I’m a single working mom. I’m tired.   Unfortunately, I’m also fussy, frustrated, easily annoyed, and just not a fun momma a lot of the time. I can think of many day in the past […]

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Quantum Time

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  As far as I can tell, quantum physics means that matter obeys different sets of contradictory laws all at the same time. Or, it means that the more accurately you measure one property of matter, the less accurately you will measure another.   Or something. I think.   In my defense, physicists can’t even […]

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Weary Mom, Grace Based parenting, Stacy Edwards, Dr. Tim Kimmel, Family matters

  It’s a  whispered plea for energy as a baby cries in the middle of the night.  It’s the weary body in need of an extra dose of grace to make it through the midnight hours. It’s a request to reveal the significance of the seemingly insignificant.  It’s a need to see the purpose behind […]

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Running on Empty

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Family Matters, Grace Based Parenting

  That same anxious feeling we might get driving a car whose gas tank is almost on empty with the red danger light blinking, is how we feel when we’re depleted emotionally and physically in our care-giving responsibilities. Similarly, even an avid, well seasoned and trained runner is apt to say the same things we […]

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You Might Be a Working Mom If… 10.   You know that you’ve already worn that outfit this week and you. just. don’t. care. 9.     You have ever left your purse at the daycare and taken a diaper bag to work. 8.     You have ever called your boss, “honey.” 7.   […]

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