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And That’s OK

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  I still have Easter decorations waiting to be put away…and that’s ok. I haven’t unpacked the last four boxes from when we moved in over a year ago…and that’s ok. There are projects yet to be sewn or glued together…and that’s ok. I haven’t lost those pesky last 5 pounds…and that’s ok. Most likely […]

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Family Matters, Grace Based Parenting

  From time to time we (the primary “care-giver”) has a need to leave the home. Leave town. Well, not in the sense that they’re taking off for good, but in the sense that something else besides our child is calling for our attention. Maybe it’s:   Caring for a parent who needs help Helping […]

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mothering, efficient, Family matters, grace based parenting, Michelle Hutchison, Dr. Tim Kimmel

  I have never been able to hide the fact that I am “Type A” by nature. I thrive on not only having a plan but executing that plan- with maximum efficiency. I am the kind of woman who comes home from the grocery store and simultaneously cleans out the refrigerator, puts away the new […]

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