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The late David Foster Wallace is famous for the following anecdote: There were two young fish swimming side-by-side in the ocean. An older, seasoned fish came swimming towards them from the opposite direction. As he passed, he asked, “How’s the water?” and then swam on. The two young fish glided along for a while and […]

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Identity in Christ

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  Confrontation is hard, especially when it is unexpected. Some time ago I met with a friend. She had asked for some time together where she could share some things on her heart. I said “absolutely,” and I was happy to change my plans and carve out the requested time.  What I didn’t expect was […]

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Grace :: It’s Simple Math

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Grace is hard work. And most the time it doesn’t add up. I think this is why so many people reject it as the default mode of their lives. God actually expects us to: Be kind to people who aren’t always kind in return. Forgive people who don’t deserve to be forgiven. Be generous to […]

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When it comes to putting our best foot (or other parts of our anatomy) forward in public, there’s always been a tension between making a good impression and trying to conceal things about us we’d prefer folks simply don’t know. Most people wouldn’t give you push back on that first one and it’s an equally […]

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The Truth About Grace

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  When I was a young teenager I was attracted to boys in bands with just a little bit of an edge. But the summer before I turned 17 I fell immediately and permanently in love with an Eagle Scout. Go figure. So, 27 years later I am the wife of an Eagle Scout whose […]

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After the birth of our youngest, Elsie, our church changed their Parent-Child dedication requirements. The principle behind the parent-child dedication was the same as it’s always been – a time for parents to publicly commit themselves to raise their children to know God and establish a personal relationship with Christ. However, the expectations were different […]

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