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Kids and Technology

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{originally published in 2012}   Not sure exactly how you should respond to the Social Media craze? You may even be asking yourself what rules (if any) should you enforce in your home as your children interact with the web? Well the media is interested in these questions too. Specifically this  news release – CBS […]

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  Are you living in a fast paced life? Need your news in 140 characters or less? Still want a taste of grace in your life each day?   We have the perfect social media outlet for you!   Come join us on Twitter (@Family_Matters) and be up to date on the latest news, events, […]

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31 Days of Prayer for your Spouse, 31 Days of Prayer, Dr. Tim Kimmel, Grace Filled Marriage, Family Matters

  Well, thanks to all of our guest writers and all of our readers – this year’s “31 Days of Prayer” series was a complete success! We pray that 31 Days of Prayer for your Spouse reaches thousands of marriages and families this year and keeps spreading the message of grace across the world.   […]

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Hello friends! As the Director of Communications with Family Matters, I wanted to take a moment to update you on our current social media strategy and introduce our new mobile web site app. As many of you know, our blog is the hub of our social media strategy. We update it several times a week […]

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Family Matters Blog - Julie Masson

As I begin to write this post, I feel like I’m climbing out of a cave from below the earth, pushing open an old rickety door to feel the sunshine on my face. I’ve forgotten about the world out there! The world that I’m talking about is the wonderful world of social media. Last month […]

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The Sisterhood of Twitter

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It’s true, I’m always late to the party.  So, I was a late adopter to Twitter.  I just didn’t understand the purpose behind the seemingly random statements made throughout the day.  It seemed to be nothing more than an opportunity for folks to drop names and brag on themselves. And, for some, that is exactly […]

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