Host a Parenting & Marriage Conference

Host a Parenting & Marriage Conference

“Strong churches don’t make strong families, Strong families make strong churches” – Dr. Tim Kimmel

Strengthen your church by hosting a PARENTING & MARRIAGE EVENT this year!

The Grace Based Parenting Conference is not another parenting manual full of impossible standards; rather it is a new map for learning to see ourselves and our children through God’s limitless tenderness – to raise our kids the way God raises us. Dr. Kimmel offers a revolutionary concept that focuses on the model and guidance provided by God the Father – the ultimate child and family expert.
The Grace Filled Marriage Conference explores the daily reality of a life lived out with a commitment to treating our spouse the way God treats us—with grace. In this provocative look at love, we’ll see how God’s grace plays out in our marriage as we navigate through the areas of sex, kids, conflict, aging, and endings . . . gracefully.

Event Options:

• 1 or 2 Day Event
• Keynote
• Pulpit
Speakers Available:
• Dr. Tim Kimmel
• Speaker Team Member
• Host your own Video Event with the Conference-in-a-box

to speak with someone about an event or small group study: