“Our family has been completely transformed since we attended the conference. We feel so much freer to love our children and each other. Thank you for impacting our home.”

“I typically get bored at conferences and lose my train of thought and focus – never did I become bored at this one! Dynamic!”

“This conference is such a ray of hope for those times we feel that we’ve blown it and such inspiration for the years and issues to come.”

“This conference made me realize how off-base I was with regards to defining success.  It helped me get a framework to manage and raise our children with the values we want them to exemplify.”

“Great stories, great presenter.  I wish I could have had this years ago, and that more parents could have come to this.”

“Wow! What a weekend we had with Tim. The conference caused a major stir in commitment to families at our church. Interest in our parenting small group ministry has swelled and many were moved in a major way to get more help on becoming God’s kind of parent.”

“This was such a beneficial conference. The teaching and scriptures give added foundation to our efforts to raise our children ‘in the world, but not of the world’. I wish all of our school administrators and teachers could hear and benefit from such positive ideas concerning our children.”