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Your church is only as healthy as the families that make up its congregation. Helping the members of your congregation have more functional, grace based family relationships translates into a more dynamic and vigorous body of Christ.

One of Family Matters primary goals is to come alongside churches, and to provide them with various tools and resources to educate, equip and encourage their families for every age and stage of life. Below are some of the ways that Family Matters can partner with your church to minister to the families in your congregation.

Family Ministries Strategy:

By following the Family Land map, your family ministry will be able to prepare your church's families to live out a grace-based parenting strategy at home.
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Small Group Resources:

We have dozens of books, video studies and online studies that can help you build a church body of strong families.
» Small Group Guide for Churches
» Small Group Resources


We have conference solutions to fit any sized church. Whether you are a church of a few hundred or ten thousand, we can come alongside you to provide a clear "job-description", practical tools, and an effective model to parent your kids the same way God parents His - with grace.
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Grace Based Parenting Video Study Series