Extreme Grandparenting Video Study

Extreme Grandparenting Video Study

Grandparenthood is far more than rocking chairs. It is a second chance to do all of the "ought tos" and "should haves" that the busyness and demands of daily parenthood kept you from doing. It is living part of the idealistic dream of parenthood that real life, diapers, soccer practice, dance lessons, and waiting up for teenagers prevented you from doing. Grandparenthood allows you to play a key role in writing the history of a generation that you will some day leave in charge.


Extreme Grandparenting is an exciting, interactive video series with:

  • User friendly materials designed for group or individual study
  • Easy to use instructions enabling anyone to successfully facilitate a group study
  • One Easy to follow Facilitator's Guide with helpful suggestions for leading a group study, word by word prompts and answers to the discussion questions.
  • 8 Participant's Workbooks (More workbooks may be easily ordered for group studies) that you develop as you go through the study and becomes an effective, useful tool that helps you to be the grandparent you want to be.
  • Eight fun, information filled lessons taught by Dr. Tim and Darcy Kimmel on DVD

In Extreme Grandparenting, you will learn how to:

  • Pass on a great sense of blessing to each one of your grandchildren.
  • Be a light to guide the way for the generations that follow you.
  • Set a clear and reliable standard for your grandchildren to emulate.
  • Help your grandchildren if and when their parents go through a divorce.
  • Respond graciously if your grandchildren move in with you.
  • Be an effective grandparent to your step-grandchildren.
  • "Spoil" your grandchildren in a positive way.
  • Avoid crossing the fine line between intervening and interfering.
  • Process the inevitable conflicts that go with grandparenting.
  • Grow even closer to your grandchildren as they grow older.
  • Leave a legacy that will go on forever.

You have a significant chance to impact a child's life for eternity. Don't miss it. Your grandchildren need you to be the best grandparent you can be.



Extreme Grandparenting Video Study

An exciting, interactive video series...

Extreme Grandparenting Book

Discover how you can reach and relate to grandchildren...