For Your Marriage

For Your Marriage

Family Matters believes that one of the key factors in raising truly great kids is to have a truly great marriage. Whether you have emptied the nest or you are planning to fill it; no matter what stage of life you in, focusing on keeping your marriage strong is a priority.

Strong marriages reflect the four freedoms of Grace Based Relationships – the freedom to be different, the freedom to be vulnerable, the freedom to be candid and the freedom to make mistakes. Keeping our promises and fulfilling our commitments to each other is easier when we exhibit the four characteristics a truly great heart – humility, gratefulness, generosity and servant’s spirit.

Couples Q&A

Tim & Darcy give their insight into questions asked by couples just like you.


One of our great ministry partners is Family Life Ministries.  Tim and Darcy Kimmel have been speaking at Family Life’s Weekend to Remember for over 20 years.  If you and your spouse want to grow in your relationship to Christ and to each other, please visit Family Life’s website and find a Weekend to Remember conference near you.



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