Single Parents

Single parents have an extraordinarily difficult task ahead of them. They often have to fill the role of both parents in their children’s lives as well as bearing the entire burden of household and financial responsibilities. Single parents, understandably, can feel overwhelmed, isolated and alone.

At Family Matters we want to come alongside single parents to help them move forward in grace and freedom. While our resources aren’t written specifically to single parents, the principals are vastly important to all parents especially those who are “going it alone.”

Grace Based Parenting is simply parenting our kids the way God parent’s his. It’s tempting to want a parenting checklist to follow, even more so when you are a single parent and your “to do” list is vast. In your constant state of exhaustion, it is easy to just want someone to give you the formula for successful parenting so that you can do it, and cross it off the list.




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