Connecting Church and Home Reviews

Connecting Church and Home Reviews


Dale Hudson- Author / Director of Children's Ministry at Christ Fellowship Church in Palm Beach, Florida :

In clear terms, [Dr. Kimmel] reveals that a parent's role is to connect to their child's heart in such a way that the child is prepared to connect to the heart of God.  The role of the church is to connect to the heart of each parent so they are better prepared to be the primary spiritual influence in their child's life. I am going to take my staff through this book and I would encourage you to dive into it as well.  You will come out of the book with a Biblical vision of what family ministry really is. 

Greg Ballard- Pastor, Grace Fellowship - Greenbush, New York:

This book, in one sense, should not be necessary, unfortunately it is. Kimmel has pulled the sheet off the proverbial 'elephant' in the room of church culture, that is; we (the church) are to be know as 'gracious.'

Kory Schuknecht- Pastor of Family Ministries, Scottsdale Bible Church, Arizona:

By going through this book with my staff, we have learned a common language, have a coordinated plan and now have united goals as we think, talk and strategize about having a grace based church and family ministry. We’re getting twice as much accomplished with half the hassle. It works!

Lance Jacobs- Founder, Legacy Dad Ministries

Tim Kimmel does it again with another great book!   Connecting Church and Home clearly identifies the current challenges for both parents and youth ministries in reaching the Millennial Generation.  Tim then unpacks a concise, biblical parenting philosophy that can be used from birth to college and readily available resources for parents and churches to use at each step of the developmental and parenting process.  If you're a parent looking for a biblical roadmap or a simple compass check along the way, Connecting Church and Home will empower you with the practical advice and guidance you need.  If you're a pastor or layperson working in your churches youth or family ministry, Connecting Church and Home will equip you with a strategic game plan to synch your ministry efforts with the biblical foundations being established in the home.  I highly recommend this book to all parents, pastors and those working in the youth and children's ministry.