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Put Down the Pastry

Written by FM Staff  |  Found in: Dinner Dialogue
Put Down the Pastry

Josh Welch was suspended for two days for brandishing a gun at school.  It wasn't exactly a semi-automatic, but it did have icing.  A teacher saw Josh, who is seven years old, eating his breakfast (a pop-tart) and believed that he was biting it in a way that created the shape of a gun.  When she heard him say "bang, bang" while holding the pop-tart, he was suspended for two days.  The note to his parents stated that Josh "used food to make an inappropriate gesture."

Read the article and watch the video : Student suspended for shaping Pop-Tart into gun ( 

Serve it up:

  • Why  you think that a two day suspension was fair or unfair for Josh?
  • If you were the principal of Josh's school, how might you have handled the situation?
  • If you were Josh's parents what would you tell him about his actions and the consequences?
  • Many schools across the country have created "zero-tolerance" policies when it comes to guns on campus.  Should pop-tart guns not be included in such policies?  Where is the line?

In 1 Timothy 3:2 Paul tells Timothy that the church's leaders should be "above reproach."  Ideally we want our children to live with integrity and live by high standards.  Do you think that we should encourage our kids to avoid even simple things like making pop-tart guns in order to maintain their integrity and avoid situations like this one?

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