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Word Class Lazy

Written by FM Staff  |  Found in: Dinner Dialogue
Word Class Lazy

Does your week include at least two-and-a-half hours of moderate activity per week? Less than that is considered as bad for your health as daily tobacco use. Recently the medical journal, The Lancet, released a list of the most active, and the laziest, countries in the world, based on meeting this minimum activity level. The country with the lowest percentage of inactive people is Greece with only 15.6% of citizens below the minimum. The laziest country? The island nation of Malta, located not too far off of Greece's shore, with a whopping 71.9% of Maltans not averaging a half-an-hour a day of physical activity. Of the 122 countries studied, the U.S. ranked 46th laziest, with 40.5% of Americans considered inactive.

Read the article: The Laziest Countries In The World: U.S. Not Even Close (Forbes)

Serve it Up:

  • What is your reaction to the U.S. being 46th on the list? Where would you have expected the U.S? Much higher or lower?
  • How do you think your family would rank among Americans on the list of laziest? In the top half or bottom half?
  • The study was intentionally released during the Summer Olympics, to contrast typical citizens versus some of the worlds fittest. Do you find that the Olympics inspire you to participate in more physical activity?
  • The Proverbs are full of warnings against laziness and being a "sluggard" (10:4; 13:4; 20:4,13; 21:25). How much physical activity do you think God would have as his "minimum activity recommendation?" How well do you follow that recomendation?
  • I Timothy 4:8 says that "while bodily training is of some value, godliness is of value in every way, as it holds promise for the present life and also for the life to come."  What would you propose for a "minimum spiritual activity" recommendation?  Where would the U.S. rank in spiritual laziness, and where would you rank within the U.S.?

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